Rubber Mulch In 30lbs Bags

Rubber Mulch In 30lbs Bags

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Rubber mulch is long-lasting and durable. Most home landscapers replace wood mulch each year, but rubber mulch can last for years and requires little maintenance. It allows water and fertilizer applications to pass through to the soil, and it doesn't attract termites or carpenter ants the way wood mulch does.

Whether you like black rubber mulch, or prefer the look of red rubber mulch, we have rubber chips for any landscape project you can dream up! It’s safe, 100% steel-free, and ASTM certified. That's right—no need to worry about the potential for a shard of metal like all the other rubber mulch manufacturers.

Rubber mulch is great for playgrounds for safety reasons and because of its soft, springy bounce. It prevents weed growth, won't decay, and the color lasts for years! Our bagged rubber mulch comes in 30-pound bags (1 cubic foot) for easy carrying. 400 pounds will cover a 10-by 10 foot area that is 2 inches deep. Typically landscapes only need 2 inches of depth. Playground rubber mulch needs a minimum of 5 inches.

In Tucson, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, give us a call or email us if you require a bulk order for a large area.

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