Our MISSION at Elysium Tire Recycling is to redefine how tires are recycled.  We DECONSTRUCT tires PRECISELY and SURGICALLY.  Our unique method allows us to offer affordable tire processing and hauling services.  From sidewall removal to tread chipping, we utilize unconventional machines to perform remarkable tasks.

Creativity and ingenuity best describe the tire derived products that we manufacture.  We strive to make durable and dependable products that are as tough as the tires they are made from.  We offer a variety of 100% steel-free rubber chip sizes, tire derived aggregate, tire derived fuel, rubber mats, and rubber mulch, just to name a few! 

BE THE CHANGE.  At Elysium, we embrace being the change we want to see in the world.  Choose Elysium recycled products and BE THE CHANGE with us!