Our Mission

Just as our name suggests, we find a new home for every part of a tire that has reached the end of its normal life cycle. We utilize innovation to create simple and affordable tire-derived products.  


Waste Tire Services

Old tires can create problems in landfills. They take up space, provide shelter for rodents, can trap water and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and they can trap methane gases and potentially rupture liners designed to prevent contaminants from polluting groundwater.

We help eliminate these problems by turning old tires into valuable products including rubber mulch for home and commercial landscaping use; playground mulch; mud flaps; conveyor belts; traction mats to help you get unstuck in sand, snow, or mud; and trench buddies for use when trenches need to be temporarily filled to prevent damage from other equipment.

Our most popular product is rubber mulch. Rubber mulch is long-lasting and durable. Most home landscapers replace wood mulch each year, but properly installed rubber mulch can last for 10 years and requires little maintenance. It doesn't fade as fast as wood mulch does, and it won't blow away. It allows water and fertilizer applications to pass through to the soil, doesn't attract termites or carpenter ants the way wood mulch does, and it can even help prevent weed growth. Rubber mulch in bulk is popular for playgrounds because of its soft, springy bounce, and it can help prevent the injuries that can occur during a fall on hard surfaces.

Through recycling, we turn unwanted tires that can become problems into solutions. Every recycled tire is one that can't end up in our rivers and lakes or landfills. Recycling tires is a smart way to move toward the larger goal of helping to sustain our earth.

Full Service Tire Collection

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Rates start at $0.99/tire

Tire Drop-Off

already hauling tires to the landfill?

Rates start at $0.50/tire

Tire Cleanup

got a tire problem?

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